Ringmasters Flying Club
 The Ringmasters Flying Club was formed in the 1950's and during it's glory days, boasted as many as 100 active members.  It evolved from the New Orleans Aero Club and was later formed as the Raging Cajuns.  The Ringmasters sponsored many class AA contests during the 1960's.  George Cleveland was a member who won many combat events in 1979.  Former member Andrew Stokey has acted as a recorder for stunt contests at the Nationals.

The Club

The Field

The field is located in the rear area of New Orleans City Park.  It is sandwiched between the Couterier Walking Trail and the old golf course.  Our field has been and is maintained by our club members for these many years at no cost to the Park Commission.  We usually meet on Sunday afternoons at the field to fly and do some hangar flying about our favorite models and a little general conversation as well.

Here is an aerial view of our field

You can see the two paved circles on the right and the one grass circle as well marked by the letter A.