Ringmasters Flying Club

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Since I am usually a bit bass ackwards, I generally build a plane for a motor instead of getting a motor for a plane.  I had a few Cox .049’s that needed some use so I decided to build a Mouse 1 class racer according to the AMA regulations.  I had a Venom that needed very little modification and another motor with a black anodized crankcase that screamed out to be made into a Black Widow clone.  I got a Killer Bee crank and drive plate and installed a TeeDee cylinder and piston.  Another mod. Is the custom back plate I made to solve the problems of the plastic tank backs that are prone to breaking and leaking.  On the test stand each motor produced a tick over 20,000 RPM on a 20% nitro fuel mix.


The plane is easy to build from bass wood as it only has four major parts, Wing, Fuse, Stab, Motor Mounts and Cheeks.  The wing needs to be sculpted into a simple airfoil but the hardest part is it needs to be tapered from 3/16” at the centerline to 1/8” at the wing tip.  A palm held orbital sander worked well for this. Everything is covered with 2 oz. fiberglass and finishing resin.  The rear stabilizer is installed with a 9/16” dihedral when measured at the tip of the stabilizer.


Hardware is a simple bell crank (this one has buttons), wire pushrod and rear control horn.  The landing gear/motor mount is made from a piece of 3/8” x ½” aluminum angle.  The single wheel is a 1” tail wheel installed with a 4-40 through bolt and locknut.


The plane is finished with a few acrylic color splashes and then clear coated with KlassKote epoxy.

Mike Geroir